Driver Assessment consists of 1 hour in the car with a certified instructor.  During the drive, the instructor will evaluate the driving physical and mental capabilities of the customer.  After the drive, a letter will be sent to the healthcare professional and/or the customer reporting our evaluation of the drive. This will be delivered by mail only and not  immediately after driving evaluation. Brown’s Driving School will then recommend that the customer continue driving or schedule another drive to work on driving skills that need to be improved or corrected.  In some cases, Brown’s will recommend that the customer not continue driving because of lack of driving skills observed on this day.

Customers include those who have had head injuries, strokes, paralysis, Alzheimer’s, Workers’ Compensation injuries, or age related/health conditions.  We often work with case workers for insurance companies for scheduling and payments. Occasionally, family members of older parents will ask Brown’s to evaluate the driving performance of their loved ones for safety concerns.

Cost is $140 and payment can be made by credit card or debit card, cash, check, or money order.credit_card_logos_visa_mc_disc_amex2


Private lessons consist of one and one-half hours in the car with a certified instructor.  This course is for students who have a permit and did not take the driver education course.  Brown’s will pick up and drop off at home, if in our local pick up area.  This program does not meet the requirements to receive an insurance reduction certificate and does not qualify for taking the driving test with Brown’s. Times are available Monday thru Friday and can be scheduled by calling the office.  Cost is $130 and payment must be made in the form of cash or money order only.