Basic Rider Course



  • Our Basic Rider Course is designed for the beginning rider or the rider who has been away from riding for a period of time. This course will waive the state written and road exam portions of the Oklahoma requirements for the motorcycle endorsement “M”. Students who have no Learner Permit or driver license will be required to pass the vehicle written test at DPS.
  • This course requires completion of an online eCourse, plus 5 hours in the classroom and 10 hours on the range riding the motorcycle. The 10 hours of range time are split between 2 days. Classes Will be held even if it rains.
  • Before taking this course the student should be able to ride a bicycle and balance that bicycle at low speeds.
  • Motorcycles are provided. All bikes are in excellent condition.
  • If you have a scooter you can ride your own scooter. The vehicle must be 500 cc or less. Proof of insurance is required. You must let us know if you wish to bring your own scooter.
  • The fee of $290 is non-refundable and is good for 2018 only.
  • Be sure to read the Motorcycle Training Information section of our website before registering for class.
  • If you have paid for your class you may stop by the OKC or Norman office and
    pick up our student workbook.
  • To view upcoming classes and sign up click the button below.