Defensive Driving FAQ’s

Defensive Driving FAQ’s

Who should take the Defensive Driving Program?

  • Anyone who wants to improve their driving skills.
  • Anyone who needs point reduction from their driving record. This class will remove 2 points from participant’s driving record and will enable student to receive an insurance discount.
  • Anyone who is ordered by the court to take a defensive driving course. Brown’s Driving School’s Defensive Driving Program is accepted by most municipal courts in the State of Oklahoma.
  • Anyone who wants to lower their insurance cost. All licensed companies in the State of Oklahoma give an insurance discount good for 36 months.
  • Companies who want to reduce their risk factor with drivers. The Defensive Driving Program is a benefit to your employees having a tremendous impact on drivers’ attitudes. Improved defensive driving saves lives, time and money. Please check with your insurance company to see how offering defensive driving to your employees can reduce your rates.

Should I enroll my teenager in this program after they have completed the driver education program?

  • Yes. We would prefer your new driver have 6 months of practice after they receive their driver license (near the end of their GDL period) before enrolling in this program. We consider this program “Driver Education – Part 2”. They will learn many additional things not taught in the Driver Education Program that will help them become more confident on the road.
  • This would also be a great time for you as the parent to enroll, as well, to show your concern for safety with all of the constant changes on today’s roadways!

Are the instructors state certified?

  • Yes
  • All of our employees receive background checks as well as continued service training to keep up with the changing world of driving.