Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving

Our 6 hour  Defensive Driving class fee is $50 as mandated by the State (cash/money order), and focuses on how to improve driving skills.

The course removes 2 points off of the student’s driving record.  “Online Defensive Driving” classes do not remove 2 points off your record.

If you get a ticket in the City of Oklahoma City or the City of Mustang, this class may qualify you for a reduced fine or dismissal of the ticket.  Don’t forget to bring your ticket or ticket number with you.

We email your information to the Court Clerk in City of Oklahoma City or the City of Mustang on the next business day.   Check with the Court Clerk  for actual details.

The class qualifies for insurance discounts.  Please check with your insurance company to verify (Oklahoma Statue Title 36 Section 924.1).

The class is certified by the Oklahoma Municipal Court System.  It includes most of the State of Oklahoma and out of state citations (tickets) for Oklahoma residents, including military and college students.

To register click here OR you can call our office. All walk-ins are welcome for the Defensive Driving course at any time.

Items to Bring to the Defensive Driving Class

  • Driver License, Learner Permit, or the license number
  • $50 cash or money order
  • Any traffic ticket recently issued by the City of Oklahoma City or the City of Mustang
  • $5 for “all you can eat pizza” (optional).  Vending machines with drinks and candy are available