You should consider adding the Test Drive to your package!

Don’t forget that Brown’s offers the State Driving Test as an added service at the price of $40 (not to be confused with the Written Test for a Learner Permit). And remember, Brown’s never charges for a retest – IT IS FREE.

Students do not have to pay the $40 Driving Test fee until test day. This offer to prepay is our way of giving you another option as you plan your Driver Education schedule.

You can schedule and pay the DrivingTest fee when your student has the Learner Permit and has scheduled drives #1 and #2, or you can pay on test day. Or, to save time, you can pay the $40 fee today by clicking the button below and adding it to your package. Then, you can contact the nearest Brown’s office later to schedule the test. Whether you pay the test fee now or later, we are happy to take care of your needs.