Driver Education FAQ’s

Driver Education FAQ’s

Permit Questions

Do I need a  Learner’s Permit to take driver education?

No, but you do have to be at least 15 years old. We can drive with students without a Learner’s Permit.

Do I have to finish the class and all my drives to get my  Learner’s Permit?

Students who are 15 1/2 can obtain a permit once they have completed the 2 days of classroom time. Students do not have to do any drives to get a Learner’s Permit. View and print the instructions here.

Do I need to practice driving on my own time in addition to my drive time with Brown’s?

Yes, just like piano lessons, you must take lessons and practice on your own. If you do not practice, you will not learn the skills necessary to master the tasks. We recommend you practice as much as possible on your own time (with a permit). After getting a permit, the parent signs an affidavit with the State of Oklahoma that they will drive with their teenager 50 hours (40 daytime and 10 night time).

Can you help me if I fail the written test?

Yes, we can help.  Any of our students who need extra class time or have failed the written permit test can attend our classes as much as they see fit.  It’s unlimited.  No charge.  The second day of class helps the most with preparation for the written test.

Any student who has failed the written test at the Department of Public Safety one or more times, can complete our driver education program and then waive the written test at DPS and get a Learner Permit.

Scheduling Questions

If I am scheduled for a class or to drive, how do I know if my instruction has been cancelled due to inclement weather?

You might not get a call from our office, however we will leave a message on all of our business phone lines letting everyone know if there have been any cancellations or changes. We also have a message board on our HOME page of the website.

When do I do the 6 hours of driving time?

After you complete the classroom time, the driving instruction is done 2 hours at a time. The student may be in the car two, two and half, or three hours at the most.  So, on 3 different days, you will drive for 2 hours with one on one instruction.

How do I schedule my 3 driving times? 

Drive times are always available online through the Student Login on the Brown’s website;  or, you may call your local Brown’s office and schedule your drives.

How quickly can I finish?

The finish time depends upon when your driving times and class times are completed. The class times are scheduled, but students set up their own drive times. This varies with times of week, the weather, your time schedule, school schedule, and other factors. We cannot determine when you will be finished but we will work with you to help you make this happen as soon as you request

How long do I have to get my program finished?

You have one year from the first day of class to complete your drive times. If over one year, a reinstatement fee of $70 will be charged.

I am in school everyday, so how can I take the course and do the drive times?

All of our classes and drive times are scheduled around public school hours with the exception of separate times set for home school and adults. During the school year, we have weekend and/or evening classroom sessions. During summer, fall, winter, and spring breaks we will schedule daytime classes. This schedule goes for drive times as well. We are open year-round!

Can I re-schedule or cancel my driving instruction appointment with my instructor?

No, you must call the office and speak with one of our office personnel to change your drive times.  Messages left will be documented with time and date of call. You must call 24 hours in advance if cancelling or a $40 fee will be charged.

Road Exam Questions

Can Brown’s administer the State Road Exam?

Yes, Brown’s is able to administer the State Road Exam. View and print the instructions here.

To whom can Brown’s give the driving test?

We can now test anyone with valid Oklahoma  permit. If over 18 must have it for 30 days. If  under the age of 18 must hold a permit for 6 months or until the age of 18. For example, if the issue date is 1-15-15 add 6 months to the issue date – eligible 7-15-15.

Do my parents have to bring me when I do the road test?

Students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when testing; or, have a notarized affidavit signed by a parent or legal guardian if a parent is not present.  Click here to print the affidavit.

The Road Test can be done even if a parent, legal guardian, or notarized affidavit is not present, but paperwork will not be given to the student until a parent, legal guardian, or notarized affidavit is present.

Miscellaneous Questions

What kind of cars do you use for the driving instruction and testing?

We use Toyota Camrys and Corollas. Our cars are equipped with automatic transmissions, dual-brake systems, additional rear view mirrors on the instructor’s side and Student Driver signs to warn the public (just kidding…)

Do I get an insurance reduction for taking driver education?

Most companies do honor driver education programs. Please check with your insurance company for verification.

Can I, as a parent, contact my son or daughter during their drive time or can they call me?

Yes. You may call our office for the phone number or ask the instructor for their number at time of pick-up.

Are your instructors state certified?

Yes, we have over 30 instructors (6 female) with many years of combined experience. Many of our instructors are teachers, police officers, administrators, and retired military. All of our employees receive thorough background checks as well as continued service training.

Do you offer gift certificates for your programs?

Yes, we do. You will receive a certificate with the student’s name and program of choice. Call today!

How do I pay?

We take credit cards, debit cards, cash, check, or Money Order.