Driver Education

Driver Education Information

The driver education program is Brown’s oldest program originating in 1996. This program has been very successful because of the professionalism of great instructors, scheduling availability of drive times and a classroom program that is serious, yet fun. We have approximately 18 to 20 cars in use year-round. All drive times cater to student school or work schedules. Our Driver Education program is certified by the state of Oklahoma.

  • Four convenient locations      –  Midwest City    –   Mustang / Yukon   –  Norman  –  South OKC/Moore   
  • The fee is $370 and is not due until the first day of class or you may pay when you register on line (credit card, cash, check or money order)
  • Students can take our driver education program at age 15, regardless of school grade
  • Students begin with 10 hours classroom instruction
  • Students have unlimited access to our classes, attend as often as you like to prepare for the written test; call the office to alert us of your extra class times
  • Classroom is followed by 6 hours of one-on-one driving instruction – 3 drives, 2 hours each drive behind the wheel
  • NEW :  Students have two options;  after completing class they can take the written test at DPS, or complete our program (10 hours classroom and 6 hours driving) and the state written test can be waived
  • Students will receive a Driving Instruction Report by email the day after every drive. Brown’s is the only school in the state offering comprehensive reports for parents and/or students to track their progress.
  • Students can set their own pace for completion (student has one year to finish the program)
  • Students can register at our website and schedule drives on-line

Scheduling Drives

Students come from all over the state because of our ability to handle varying schedules. The power of 30 instructors and 18 to 20 cars sets us apart.  Daytime, evenings or weekends are offered for in-car training 7 days a week.

  •  Drive times are sometimes offered during the second day of class, and students can call parents while scheduling drives in class.
  • Drive times can also be scheduled through the Student Login on our website after the second day of class is completed, or students may call the nearest Brown’s office to schedule drives
  • Brown’s Policy:   program must be finished within 1 year of first day of class
  • We pick up and drop off at  home or school for each drive (must be within our designated region)
  • Parents of students under 18 must sign affidavit of 50 hours driving (40 daytime, 10  nighttime).  We strongly recommend driving daily at home.

Taking the State Road Exam with Brown’s

We are now Testing in 4 locations:  Midwest City,  Mustang/Yukon, Norman, SOKC/Moore

  • Tests are given Monday through Friday, by appointment only
  • Tests are given in Brown’s state certified cars
  • Students wishing to take the State Road Exam at Brown’s must have completed a Driver Education program at Brown’s, a state certified driving school, a high school, or a state approved parent taught online driver education course
  • Students under the age of 18 must have an Oklahoma Learner Permit for 6 months or until the age of 18 to be eligible to test
  • Students 18 or older must have an Oklahoma Learner Permit for 30 days
  • Driving schools are only allowed to test students 3 times.  After 3 failures at any driving school, students must be tested at the Department of Public Safety (example: if a student tests at school A and fails, tests at school B and fails, tests at school C and fails, that is considered 3 failures)
  • At the time of the test students must provide their Learner Permit, a certificate of completion from their driving school, and the test fee. The Learner Permit must show the correct name and current address.
  • Students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when testing; or, have a notarized affidavit signed by a parent or legal guardian if a parent is not present.  Click here to print the affidavit.
  • The Road Test can be done even if a parent, legal guardian, or notarized affidavit is not present, but paperwork will not be given to the student until a parent, legal guardian, or notarized affidavit is present.
  • When calling to schedule the State Road Exam at Brown’s, the Learner Permit number and issue date must be provided
  • The test fee for Brown’s students is $40 ($25 for the test and $15 for use of a Brown’s car);   and there is NO CHARGE $0 for any re-testing
  • The test fee for NON-Brown’s students is $40 for the first test ($25 for the test and $15 for use of a Brown’s car); and $25 for any re-testing

Click here to view and print instructions for taking the Written Exam and or State Road Exam.