Graduated Driver License (GDL)

Graduated Driver’s License (GDL)

State of Oklahoma Learner Permit (LP)

Phase I  –  Learner’s Permit (LP)

The Learner’s Permit allows a student to practice drive under the supervision of an experienced licensed driver 21 or older in the front seat

  • Students can get a LP  when 15 1/2 years or older and have completed the 10 hours of class.  A parent or legal guardian must accompany the student  to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) to take the written test
  • Students have two options when going to DPS to get the Learner’s Permit.  Click here for details
  • You fee is paid at the Tag Agency to get the LP ($42.50 fee plus $4 for each test failure)
  • LP must be held for 6 months or until age 18  (must be held for 30 days if age 18 or older)
  • A licensed driver 21 years old or older with at least 2 years driving experience must be in the front seat (restriction “9” on LP)
  • Student must drive a minimum of 50 hours with parents (10 of those hours must be at night) during Phase I
  • Student cannot use cell phone or any electronic hand-held device while driving
  • If LP driver is at fault in an accident or receives a ticket, the 6 months will start over from the date of conviction

Remember, our students are not required to have a Learner Permit to begin driving with our instructors.

State of Oklahoma Intermediate Driver License (IDL)
State of Oklahoma Intermediate Driver License (IDL)

Phase II  –  Intermediate Driver’s License (IDL)

With the IDL you can drive by yourself.

The Intermediate Driver’s License, restrictions are as follows:

  • Only 1 friend in the car with you
  • As many family members in the car with you as you deem safe
  • No driving between 10pm and 5am unless on a direct route home from school, church or work; or if a licensed driver 21 years or over is in the front seat
  • Cannot use cell phone or any electronic hand-held device
  • A violation of any of the above restrictions or any traffic ticket causes you to remain at the IDL level for 6 months from date of conviction
  • $25.00 license fee (plus $4 per each road exam failure) paid to the Tag Agency when getting the IDL

We now offer the driving test needed to get an IDL (available at  our South OKC / Moore, Norman,  Mustang / Yukon, and Midwest City locations).

The student must have completed the driver education course and have the Learner Permit for 6 months (or 30 days if age 18 or older) to take the driving test.

The student must have driven a minimum of 50 hours with parents (10 of those hours at night).

State of Oklahoma Driver License (DL)
State of Oklahoma Driver License (DL)

Phase III  –  Driver’s License (DL)

Six months from your IDL issue date, if you have no violations, go to any Tag Agency and convert your IDL to a DL that has no IDL restrictions.  If you are driving with your IDL, even after the six months is up, you are still under the IDL restrictions.

Driver’s License (DL) Class D

  • No restrictions on drive times or passengers
  • Student must go to a tag agency to change the IDL to DL once the student meets the 6 month restriction. If a student gets a ticket while driving with the IDL, even after having it for 6 months, student will have to keep the IDL for 6 more months from date of violation. Go to the tag agency on the exact day of 6 months. Know your issue date. Very important !!!
  • $25.00 license fee at the Tag Agency