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Tips & News

New Midwest City Office

Now Open – our newest office  at  2839 S. Douglas Blvd., Suite 103 in Midwest City  is now open, offering the Midwest City area the best in Driver’s Education classes, Defensive Driving classes, and the Driving Test.  Registration is now open in Midwest City for all of these services.

Licensing Fees Increase

A new Oklahoma law effective July 1, 2017, mandates a $5 increase in all licensing fees.  The Learner Permit fee will increase to $42.50,  the fee to upgrade a Learner Permit to a GDL will be $25, and the fee to upgrade the GDL to Class D will be $25.

Great News !

Defensive Driving Class…..If you get a ticket in the City of Oklahoma City or the City of Mustang, this class may qualify you for a reduced fine or dismissal of the ticket. Don’t forget to bring your ticket or ticket number with you. Check with the appropriate Municipal Court for more details.

We Make It Easier For You

 When you pass your Driving Test with Brown’s, you may go directly to the Tag Agency to get your license.  And when you complete a  Brown’s Motorcycle course you can waive the DPS motorcycle testing and receive your “M” endorsement.

This Is Important

Our #1 suggestion is to drive at home with family daily. Driving long distances is great for young drivers. When  new drivers are not driving, but a passenger, do not let them use cell phones. Students today are very directionaly challenged. We believe this is a direct result of phone usage while parents are driving. This is critical in the development of all new drivers.

Brown’s Driving School is able to administer the state road exam!  Now students who pass the driving test may go directly to the Tag Agency to get the new license.  This minimizes waiting in long lines at DPS and facilitates the process of acquiring a driver license.  See the Driver Education page.

Also, when taking one of the motorcycle courses and after receiving a completion certificate from Brown’s, the motorcycle written and road exam at the Department of Public Safety will be waived.

New Law for Those Under Age 18

With a new law in effect Brown’s Driving School is a great option to correctly and legally complete the motorcycle endorsement licensing process.  As of August 26, 2016, anyone 17 years of age or younger MUST complete a certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation course before adding the “M” endorsement.  Anyone age 17 or younger no longer has the option to take the written and riding test with a DPS examiner.  Don’t delay. Brown’s Driving School will take care of your motorcycle training requirements.

Are Your Car Mirrors Adjusted Correctly?

Flashing  Yellow  Arrow


The new traffic signal means that an unprotected left turn is permitted only after a motorist yields to oncoming traffic and looks for pedestrians.

It is intended to be an additional safety prompt urging caution for motorists preparing to make a left turn. Essentially, it means the same as a solid green light where left turns are permitted.

National studies have shown the flashing yellow arrows promote safety, reducing broadside collisions at busy intersections by 40 or 50 percent.

Flashing yellow arrows are used in major cities across the United States, but Norman is the first city in Oklahoma to incorporate their use.

The 2009 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices endorses the use of flashing yellow arrows at intersections where left turns are permitted on green.

Eventually, the flashing yellow arrows may become standard — or a required signal — at busy intersections.

T-bone type accidents generally occur at fairly high rates of speed and are quite serious.  Hopefully, the yellow flashing arrows reduce the number of accidents.

Left Turn Traffic Arrows

A solid red arrow:

  • Drivers turning left must stop.

A solid yellow arrow:

  • Means stop if it is safe to do so.

A flashing yellow arrow:

  • Means turns are permitted, but you must first yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians, then proceed with caution.

A solid green arrow:

  • Means turn left. Oncoming traffic must stop.


Oklahoma State Law says to signal at 100 ft. or 1/3rd block before the turn.  It’s difficult to know how far 100 ft. is standing still, much less in a moving car.  Brown’s promotes signaling before you brake or 2 to 3 seconds in advance of the turn.